Exhauster Services

The pace at which your septic tanks need to be exhausted depends on how easily the tank fills up. The level for an average household is two to three times per year. Exhauster systems are meant to clear the septic tank until an overflow takes place. However, this is unusual since people focus on visual impressions when calling for exhaustive services. Therefore, installing a high-level indicator in a septic tank is critical. The time to exhaust would be understood when using a light bulb or an audio warning. Overflows will prohibit this.

Sewer Blockages

A widespread concern is sewage blockages. The emergence of overflows and bad odor will recognize blocked sewers. Overflows are a health threat since the living environment is polluted. Besides this, relationships with neighbors may be severely affected. At SeraDelis, we have the capacity to treat all sorts of wastewater and sewage. In Malindi and Mombasa, and the areas surrounding these towns, we have more robust services. Contact us for residential, commercial, and public amenity facilities. Be assured of an affordable, competent, timely service. To unblock the sewers and to determine the root causes of the blockage, contact us. Identifying root factors avoids the issue from occurring and saves you from expensive future maintenance and possible costs of removal of the device. When unlocking, an exhauster will always be needed to suck the excess water away.